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In this day and age, divorce and custody situations do not just favor the mother as they may have in times past. Fathers are taking a more active role in parenting and the courts are not simply assigning custody based on gender.

if you are a dad who is fighting to be more involved in your child’s life, our Chesterfield family lawyers can work with you to make this into a reality. Let us review your case and represent you both in and out of the courtroom, seeking to obtain the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

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Protecting Your Rights as a Dad in the St. Louis Area

Our legal team understands the frustration you may be feeling as a father who has been denied certain rights or taken advantage of in certain ways during your divorce.

We can help you to solve a variety of father’s rights issues, including:

  • Fighting unfair demands for child support payments
  • Seeking child custody modifications
  • Combating the denial of paternity or claiming paternity
  • Protecting your child if they are being endangered by the mother’s behavior
  • Safeguarding your right to visitation and custody if the mother is interfering
  • Defending against accusations of molestation or child abuse
  • Getting proper help if the mother relocates your child without your knowledge

No matter what the situation, our compassionate and knowledgeable St. Louis family lawyer can help. Speak with our team during a free, confidential evaluation so that we can determine the best course of action.

Obtain the Help You Need as a Father to Get What You Deserve

Our St. Louis attorneys are exclusively dedicated to family law cases and committed to helping fathers get through this potentially difficult time. It is our promise that we will always provide personalized legal attention to each of our clients, so you can feel confident knowing that you are not just another case number.

Having a tenacious and honest lawyer with you can make all the difference in your father’s rights case and it is important that you retain one sooner than later. Speak with Pedano, O'Shea, McGavic & Hogenmiller, LLC during a free consultation and put your mind at ease.

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