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Divorce is not a simple task. Marriage is essentially a contract. As such, the parties must provide proof to the court that their marriage is irretrievably broken and beyond repair in order to be granted a divorce.

When a marriage dissolves, both parties must resolve numerous legal issues, including distribution of assets and debt and child custody and support. All these legalities can be exceedingly challenging, especially when you are experiencing one of life's greatest emotional events.

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Why Work with Our Chesterfield Divorce Lawyers?

At Pedano, O'Shea, McGavic & Hogenmiller, LLC, our experienced St. Louis divorce lawyers offer the astute counsel and compassionate guidance you need to navigate through this difficult time. Whether you need a courtroom advocate or a skilled negotiator to mediate an agreement, our Chesterfield firm can deliver unwavering legal support to ensure your rights and interests are protected.

  • Numerous clients have trusted us because:
  • We always go above and beyond to protect their rights.
  • We deliver unique case strategies tailored to their needs.
  • We work diligently to negotiate a settlement or litigate on their behalf.
  • We are honest and upfront about what you should expect.
  • We provide affordable, high-quality representation.

Divorce Representation in Missouri

Missouri state law allows couples to choose the divorce method that best serves the unique nature of their situation. As a firm solely focused on family law, Pedano, O'Shea, McGavic & Hogenmiller, LLC possesses an in-depth understanding of all types of divorces.

Mediated Divorce

A growing trend in family law, mediated divorces rely on a neutral third-party attorney to help a couple come to agreements on any or all issues surrounding their divorce. Each party is allowed to be represented by separate counsel. Many people believe once they have mediated and resolved the issues, the case is over.

However, an attorney will need to file both the initiation and settlement paperwork. It is not uncommon for couples to only agree on some issues, leaving the rest to be resolved through litigation. Our insightful team of divorce lawyers can clarify your rights and obligations prior to going into mediation and advise you on the ramifications of settlement terms throughout the process.

Contested Divorce

About 1 in 4 divorces end up in contested litigation. As experienced trial attorneys, we are fully prepared to help you navigate the lengthy court process. We act with professionalism during the negotiation process in order to provide you with insight on how to proceed with your case.

We take pride in the preparation work we undergo to get your case ready for trial. This involves in-depth discovery in order to identify key evidence and witnesses, depositions, testimony, and exhibit preparation. Most importantly, we stay involved with our clients so they not only understand the proceedings, but feel prepared at every court hearing.

Uncontested Divorce

When both spouses reach an agreement regarding all related elements in the divorce, they can proceed with an uncontested divorce. However, even amicable divorces are still governed by family court legalities. The necessary paperwork needs to be drafted properly to include all of the necessary statutory elements, filed with the court, and eventually signed by the judge. Hiring an attorney for this task can not only expedite this process, but also ensure that the paperwork filing is proper and takes into consideration all legal aspects of the agreement. Both parties should be represented by separate counsel to prevent a conflict of interest.

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    We understand this may be an emotionally turbulent time for you and are here to help. Pedano, O'Shea, McGavic & Hogenmiller, LLC provides consistently insightful legal counsel to help clients smoothly transition through this difficult period of their life. Our supportive St. Charles County divorce lawyers are ready to meet with you, help you decide which manner of dissolving your marriage would best meet your goals for the future, and deliver the personalized representation you deserve.

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    • Pedano, O’Shea, McGavic & Hogenmiller, LLC I sincerely appreciate her professionalism and ability to take care of her clients!
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    • Pedano, O’Shea, McGavic & Hogenmiller, LLC I am truly thankful to have retained him to represent me and the best interest of my child.
    • Pedano, O’Shea, McGavic & Hogenmiller, LLC He was always able to answer any questions I had and kept me informed at all times of the progress he had been making in my case.
    • Pedano, O’Shea, McGavic & Hogenmiller, LLC Mike exudes a trustworthy disposition from the moment he takes your case, and it doesn’t take long to know he was the right hire!
    • Pedano, O’Shea, McGavic & Hogenmiller, LLC She provided thoughtful, zealous representation and consistently exceeded my expectations.
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